Monday, 29 July 2013

Kiama's Charm - no.21 is found - Skateboarding, Art & Poetry

I have to skip a few charms as I got a lovely reply from skateboarder, Josh, who found no.21 at the skatepark in Ellensburg, WA. I am delighted to know that Josh is a fellow 'charm placer', as you can read in his comment under the earlier post of  'The greatest gift is the present".

We were staying the last days with our friend Mary in Ellensburg, where I left five charms at different places in town. Kiama loved skateboarding, so I definitely wanted to place a charm at the skatepark but when we came there, there were a few kids around and we couldn't do it without being seen.

If you have a son or daughter in Ellensburg and you wonder why they come home without shoes, here is your answer:  zoom in and you can spot several pairs of shoes hanging over the telephone lines.

We decided to wait until it was dark and came back after we scattered some of Kiama's ashes in the fast flowing Yakima river.

I wish I could say Kiama was a safe skater, but I can't. I had to pick her up once or twice from A&E, as she had fallen unconscious after a big crash, once with some convulsions as she didn't like wearing her helmet.

She was apparently pretty good though as she got second at a national Girl Skate Jam competition in 2008. Rogue Skateboards left a tribute to her on their website.

I like how the art decoration on the ramps lit up by the flash of my camera. We also discovered some ceramic artwork on the wall. It looked like all the art work was done by young people, probably sponsored by the town's art department or so.

I was especially touched by the wording on this panel below, it really struck a chord with me and I am sure Kiama would have felt the same. She was different, not a follower and wanted to be heard and listened to.

I have an opinion
but they won't listen
I have rights
but still they won't listen
I have a voice
but they won't listen
I have a voice
that they won't hear
They, who?
Everyone, why?
Because I am different
Because I am not a follower
Nor am I a leader
What am I?
Only what I know how to be

I am also moved by this one, especially when I think of those young people that can't find their way in life and choose not to live and end their lives. It takes courage to live, especially when we have come to face some real big limits in life and realise that we have to free ourselves or accept living a life without ever reaching our full potential.

For me, Freedom is a state of Being beyond all limitations and can only be found in realising who we truly are. The road to this Freedom is not an easy one and perhaps not for everyone but I am so glad that I choose to live this life to find out.

I hung the charm on the fence next to the information board.


Gina said...

I've just read Josh's comment. Wonderful!

Richard Seaton said...

I love you guys so much XXX