Thursday, 25 July 2013

Kiama's Charm - no.11

After leaving the campsite in Oroville the next day, we decided to have a little diversion to see Lake Oroville, created by the dam in the Feather River. As you see not very exiting weather, but it could be fantastic when the sky's are clear and the sun is out.

There was a Memorial Bike Trail going over the dam - I chopped the name of the photo, so we could, in our mind, make it a memory and tribute to Kiama.

John even decided to scatter some of her ashes, right here at the foot of the signpost at the beginning of the dam. It might seem odd, but somehow the place appeared to be fitting and synchronising with our emotions and thoughts. Was it the dam? Stagnating the life and flow of the Feather River? The grey weather, the memorial bike sign or something else?

In doing some background research, whilst I am writing this post, I found out that 34 construction workers died during the building of the Oroville Dam. Although quite some time ago, maybe we picked up the energy of those tragic losses of lives.

Kiama's Charm - no 11 hangs on the railing next to the map.

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