Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Kiama's Charm no.20 - Recycle Art

We visited  Dick & Jane's Spot, which is right next door to the skatepark in Ellensburg, where we hung Kiama's Charm no.21,  which I posted about before.

Dick and Jane are 2 artists who turned their house and garden into a wonderful art site. They used all kinds of materials from bottle tops, scrap metal and wood, nuts and bolts, bicycle parts, paint and lots of reflectors.

I absolutely love this place, the use of all the recycled materials is so imaginative I couldn't get enough of it - walking around the house, shooting photo's and peeping through the holes in the fence...

A kind of totem pole creature.  The graffiti wall in the background is part of the skatepark next door.

 A tree made with bicycle wheels.

Kiama would have loved this place, as it was such a tribute to what we can do with recycling. She created herself some art work out of bicycle parts when she attended university, like this Ram’s Head sculpture, which she sold to The Bicycle Shop Café in Norwich.
  If you ever happen to visit this lovely spot in Norwich, you can find the sculpture downstairs in the Handlebar.

So I had to place one of Kiama's Charm's somewhere at Dick & Jane's Spot. I decided to hang no. 20 on the holder of the Guest Book after writing a message in the book in case they (Dick & Jane and their visitors) wonder what this charm is all about...

 I know from my friend Mary, that the charm is gone now, but who ever found it didn't make the effort to contact me.

Still, I do hope they were curious enough to peep at my blog...

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