Monday, 12 August 2013

Kiama's Charm - no.16, 17 and 19

After a night hooking up and parked on the driveway of Mary's sister near Snoqualmie we cleaned the RV and took it back to Cruise America near Seattle. We had a few days left with our friend in Ellensburg.

One of the days there we visited the Clymer Museum & Gallery and got stuck inside for a while because of a freak thunderstorm with a downpour which turned the roads into small rivers.

When the rain eventually stopped we took our sandals off to cross the road for a coffee and watch people wading through the waters. By the time we left the café most of the water in this street was gone.

I placed a charm for Kiama on a bench in North Pearl Street.

One night, after a not very exciting meal out, we passed a sports shop with lots of skateboards in the shop window. I am sure Kiama would have popped in the shop if she would have passed here.

There was a hook underneath the letterbox, perfect for no. 17

The same evening we decided to rent a DVD, so we walked the streets of Ellensburg to look for a Redbox. We came past the abandoned Ellensburg Windmill (originally build as an office for a petrol station).

Across the street was a Redbox on the forecourt of a petrol station.

Like many of us Kiama loved watching films. One of her all time favourites was the feelgood French film Amélie. This film inspired her so much that it found it's way in her approach to life and her love and ambition of making a positive difference in the life of others was reflected in many of her art projects.

I had a mix up with the numbers on the charms in my pocket, so it was no.19 instead of no.18 which came to hang on some kind of electricity transformer next to the Redbox at Circle K on 204, S Main Street.

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