Monday, 6 January 2014

Happy New Year for all ye Stars

Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
And never brought to mind?
Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
And auld lang syne!

Chorus.-For auld lang syne, my dear,
For auld lang syne.
We'll tak a cup o' kindness yet,
For auld lang syne. 

First a very Happy, Creative, Inspirational and Healthy New Year to you all. 
Brilliant Universe - a close up from Labour 12 - Pisces

If there is one thing about blogging that bothers me, it's inconsistency. When I like to follow someone's blog and there are no posts appearing for weeks or months on end without any explanation I start:
  a. wandering if the Blog-person is alright.
  b. imagining all kinds of scenarios and reasons of what is happening in that person's life.
  c. eventually giving up checking them out, unless it is a friend.
  d. finally come to the conclusion that perhaps there is more to people's life then blogging.

So apologies to all of you who have been checking me out, whilst I wasn't there. I hope you skipped a., b. and c. and arrived quicker to d. then I normally do. My intention was and actually still is to blog at least every week, but as you can see I am not very good in keeping up with the regular practise of blogging. (If you subscribe to my blog Blogger will let you know when I post something, so it is less disappointing to be faced with my inactivity).

Lucky Star - a close up from Labour 9 - Sagittarius

Apart from keeping busy I have of course a perfect astrological explanation for my inconsistent blogging activity, as the stars or better the place of the planets at the time of my birth can tell.
If you think astrology is all gobbledygook then you may want to skip this post, but for anyone interested in astrology here is a little explanation of my erratic behaviour in communication.

Beaded Universe - a close up from Labour 10 - Capricorn

Of course astrology itself was/is classified as a science depending on your definition of 'science' and many top businessmen, high society members, celebrities and ordinary folk will consult astrologers.
Astrology is an enormous subject to study as it has many different applications from psychological, financial, relationship to mundane/world affairs. I have studied astrology for over 30 years now and I still feel I am scratching the surface.

Purple Trilogy - a close up from Labour 12 - Pisces

The planet Mercury in anyone's birth chart says something about the way you think and communicate. At the time of my birth Mercury was found in the air sign of Aquarius, which does like communication and also related technologies. Some of the character traits of Aquarius are unconventional, (can be shocking), unusual ideas, love of freedom (of speech), group orientated and erratic behaviour. People born with Mercury in Aquarius have a quick and original mind which can be challenging for when they speak their mind, especially when you are Dutch like me!
Some say that Mercury in Aquarius produces a mathematical and scientific mind, I can't say that's the case with me, but I do love numbers and I am interested in various scientific subjects, especially the unusual occult sciences. I occasionally buy a Science magazine and to top it all off my husband works in the Space industry as a microwave engineer, designing devices for satellite communication systems. A very Mercury/Aquarian job.

True Love - a close up from Labour 9 - Sagittarius

Years ago I studied the book The Labours of Hercules - an astrological interpretation by Alice Bailey and gave several talks about it to meditation and philosophy groups. I promised myself at the time that one day I would create a visual interpretation of my study and the subsequent insights I gained from it. In 2007 I was finally able to make the time (it took me 9 months) and created 12 panels presenting abstract landscapes/countries ruled by the 12 astrological signs through which Hercules was travelling on his spiritual journey. The series is called Tracking Hercules. The photo's in this blog are all close ups of a few of the panels, some you might recognize as the banners for my blog and facebook page.

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Gina said...

Lovely to read a blog post from you no matter how long you have been away. And as ever always thought provoking.