Thursday, 14 February 2013

Social Media and Growing 'Fields of Love'

I have been absolutely overwhelmed these last days with all the lovely comments and reactions, here and on Facebook, on the new venture of my blog. Thank you all and especially to my friend Gina for her kind and moving introduction of me on her blog

Although I have always been a bit hesitant and in two minds (Piscean speaking here) about using social media, this last year I have been shown on several occasions the positive sides of it. It was through Facebook for example that we could reach out and connect with all of Kiama's friends and inform them of what was happening to her, as well as inviting them to her funeral and life-celebration. I will tell in another post what we did with the hundreds of tribute messages appearing on her Facebook wall. I promise something creative! We are keeping her Facebook account open, as some of her friends are still posting their memories and feelings on her wall.

My main concern of using social media is the awareness or maybe better, lack of awareness, of how we present ourselves to the world. Everything in this Cyber space is fast and so called permanent. Our use of language, intentions and actions will be scrutinised and interpreted in ways we might not like or did not intend. So there could be consequences, like a news story today of a guy who's joke on Facebook of blowing up a plane landed him in prison. The thing is we are all human with various degrees of awareness, attitudes and expressions and above all, we are all learning on how to play or create the rules of this 'social media game'.

A couple of months ago I went to a talk organised by Herts Visual Arts (HVA), a county wide arts organisation, of which I am a member. The talk was on how to use social media to increase your artist's digital profile. The speaker, Adam Blackie, gave a great and informative presentation, including some fun and interactive participation of the audience. But the main thing I took away from the evening was something I had heard before but never in relation to the use of social media.
Adam suggested that when putting something out there on Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and so on, we should always ask ourselves:

Is it True, Necessary, Nice and Helpful?

To me, that is what all good social interaction is about. We are all connected, not just through the Internet, but in many more ways. Perhaps far more then one could ever imagine.... So if you want join me and stay connected.

It has gone 2.30am on Valentine's day. I should go to bed, but first I want to give you...... my 'Fields of Love'.

It's a sample, created a few years ago as part of my unfinished degree course, which I will post about another time. My 'Fields of Love' was inspired by the song 'Sowing The Seeds of Love" by Tears For Fears.
Happy Valentine's Day


Gina said...

Another insightful post from you Catherina... you write so well. I can see a lot of people are going to enjoy "connecting" with you through your blog. I like your Valentine. My Valentines are baking at the moment... I may post later if they turn out okay!

Jill said...

Thank you Caterina for informing me of your wonderful new blog...enlightening and so full of your creative thoughts...Fields of Love is beautiful.

Keep on blogging


Robin Mac said...

Another very thoughtful, interesting blog. I love your valentine's day sample. Cheers

sweetypie said...

Welcome to blog land Catherine,you will make many unseen friends love from Tina